How to Install Popcorn Time App on Linux OS and Features of App

Watching different movies and TV shows is considered as one of the best ways to pass time. Most of the people prefer watching different things online in their leisure time. It is a basic source of entertainment for millions of people on the daily basis. However, it is difficult to find a reliable source for your favorite movie or series because there are chances of scams or fake links. Therefore, it is always advised to properly check the site or application you are using. Today, we bring to you a desktop application which you can run on your Linux operating system to watch movies and shows online, Popcorn Time.

Features of Popcorn Time App

Popcorn Time is a tool which allows you to play numerous video clips such as movies and TV series. It is considered as an alternative for Netflix. Also, the collection on this desktop application is more than what you can enjoy after buying a premium membership of Netflix or any other online streaming platform. Popcorn Time has a lot of great features which may make you download it right now for Linux operating system on your laptop and computers.

  • It is a free of cost software which you can download from the official website of Popcorn Time. You do not need to spend a single penny on the software to watch movies and TV shows
  • There are hundreds of movies and TV series available in the software with regular updates every 24 hours.
  • You can stream the video clips in the best quality available. There are many movies and series available in the HD Quality.
  • Movies and shows available in the software are categorized according to the different genres for the convenience of its users.
  • There are multilingual subtitles available. Also, you can find different dubbed video clips in Popcorn Time for Linux.

Popcorn Time for Linux

The download and installation process of popcorn Time on Linux is quite simple if steps are followed properly. The usage of popcorn Time is also easy. So how to get Popcorn Time for Linux PC? Here is how to do so.

Step #1. Download the latest version of Popcorn Time from the following link:

Step #2. After your download is complete, extract the files to a separate folder on your desktop.

Step #3. Out of the files extracted, look for a file named popcorn-time. Select the option to make/mark it executable and run from the options displayed on the screen.

Step #4. Now the installation process will take few minutes to get completed. It will launch with an agreement on your Linux PC screen. Agree on it and home screen of Popcorn Time will appear.

Step #5. Now search for any movie or show you want to watch by using the search box. You can also look for a video from the categories available on the top panel.

Step #6. Click on the title of the movie and a loading screen will appear. Wait for loading to complete and the movie will start as soon as it is completed.

That’s it and now you are able to use Popcorn Time on your Linux based PC or Laptop. For any queries, comment below in the comments section.

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